Women’s Semifinalists Decided At Rio Surf Pro International

Coco Ho

Coco Ho. Photo courtesy ASP

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL (Tuesday, October 07, 2008) – Bigger swell is forecasted at Arpoador Beach for Wednesday or Thursday, and today saw the ASP WQS 4-Star women’s event run in inconsistent one-to-two foot (0.5 metre) waves.

Two rounds of competition were held with The first vacancy in the great final will be decided between New Zealander Paige Hareb and Hawaiian Coco Ho while second semifinal will be 100% Brazillian with Diana Cristina against Krisna de Souza.

The Men’s ASP WQS 6-Star event will be called Wednesday at 7:30am at Arpoador for its first heat. The 2,500 points on the table at the Oakley presents Rio Surf Pro International can change many positions on men’s rating.

But the 1.500 of the event didn’t change anything on the fight for the six places available in the ASP Women’s World Tour .

The possible upgrade in Brazil would be reached by Bethany Hamilton (HAW) and Claire Bevilacqua (AUS) but they failed Tuesday and are still rated as 11th in the WQS rating. Only Paige Hareb out of four in the semifinals is on the list of six going into the surfer’s elite and could go up from 5th to 3th place at the rating if she wins at the Rio Surf Pro International.

The beautiful 18 years old surfer from New Zealand won two of two heats she was in at Arpoador. Even in weak waves she overtook North American Kyla Langen in the first battle for the first vacancy in the semifinals of the 13th and last WQS event before WQS 2008 final contest in Hawaii.

“In the first heat, the waves were weaker but then got better,” Hareb said. “I’m not really thinking about ASP Women’s World Tour anyway. I’m only 18-years old and my goal was to get there only in 2009 or 2010. But things went this way and I’m kind of surprised to be rated in 5th, so I just want to win heats one-by-one and to say the truth I was not thinking about myself on the Dream Tour next year. Let’s see what happens.”

On the other hand, her opponent in the Semifinal came to Brazil exclusively to compete in the Rio Surf Pro International. Coco Ho is Michael Ho’s daughter. Her father used to compete in Rio during the 70’s World Championship Contests held at Arpoador.

“The waves are small but you can show some moves as my dad told me before I came here,” Ho said. “But I wish the waves get a little bigger in order to improve our surf.”

The new brazillian surfers generation will be represented by 18-year old Diana Cristina. She dimissed Hawaiian Alana Blanchard in the Quarterfinals.

“I’m really doing well and taking advantage of those ASP WQS events here in Brazil and my goal for next year is to put myself onto the ASP Women’s World Tour so I’ll compete not only here but in the main events out there too,’ Cristina said. “The heat was tough because there were few waves and you could make no mistakes. The sets are slow to come but I surfed two nice ones to win.”

Krisna de Souza, Brazilian, 23 years old, is the most experienced of the four girls in the Oakley presents Rio Surf Pro International Semifinals. She won the last heat of the day against Suelen Naraisa.

“Cristina is my best friend and it will be a good fight,” De Souza said. “She’s very skillful and I wish the waves get better so we can show our surf in a different way because it was pretty hard to compete with only a few sets coming in.”

Eyes are shining with expectation for the ASP WQS 6-Star Oakley presents Rio Surf Pro International that could begin Wednesday at Arpoador if the waves start to pump up. Right on the first heat we will have one of the new ASP World Tour stars who got here on time from Spain. Heitor Alves will surf against Alejo Muniz and Marcelo Trekinho. Only 20 heats can be run per day and the Bruno Santos would compete on Wednesday’s last heat.

Heat 1:
Paige Hareb (NZL) x Coco Ho (HAW)
Heat 2: Diana Cristina (BRA-PB) x Krisna de Souza (BRA-RN)

Heat 1:
Paige Hareb (NZL) 10.20 X 6.10 Kyla Langen (USA)
Heat 2: Coco Ho (HAW) 14.20 x 11.50 Claire Bevilacqua (AUS)
Heat 3: Diana Cristina (BRA-PB) 13.07 x 11.34 Alana Blanchard (HAW)
Heat 4: Krisna de Souza (BRA-RN) 10.24 x 8.34 Suelen Naraisa (BRA-SP)

Heat 1:
1-Paige Hareb (NZL), 2-Coco Ho (HAV), 3-Anastasia Ashley (HAV), 4-Natali Paola (BRA-SP)
Heat 2: 1-Claire Bevilacqua (AUS), 2-Kyla Langen (EUA), 3-Gabriela Leite (SC), 4-Bethany Hamilton (HAV)
Heat 3: 1-Alana Blanchard (HAV), 2-Suelen Naraisa (SP), 3-Tita Tavares (CE), 4-Lee Ann Curren (FRA)
Heat 4: 1-Krisna de Souza (RN) 2-Diana Cristina (PB), 3-Monik Santos (PE), 4-Bruna Schmitz (PR)

MEN´S – ROUND 144 – first 20 heats:
Heat 1:
Marcelo Trekinho (RJ), Michel Roque (CE), Alejo Muniz (SC), Heitor Alves (CE)
Heat 2: Jano Belo (PB), Peterson Rosa (PR), Stanley Cieslik (RJ), Alexandre Almeida (RJ)
Heat 3: Justin McBride (EUA), Shey Yates (EUA), Jole Leandro (SP), Guilermo Satt (CHI)
Heat 4: Joan Duru (FRA), Marcos Pastro (SC), Halley Batista (PE), Caio Ibelli (SP)
Heat 5: Gilmar Silva (SP), Denis Tihara (BA), Tanio Barreto (AL), Daniel Hardman (RJ)
Heat 6: Adilton Mariano (CE), Jesse Heilman (EUA), Luel Felipe (PE), Marcelo Bispo (RJ)
Heat 7: Alex Gray (EUA), Thiago de Souza (CE), Icaro Ronchi (SC), Igor Morais (RJ)
Heat 8: Federico Pilurzu (CRI), Beto Fernandes (SP), Patrick Tamberg (FN), Eric de Souza (RJ)
Heat 9: Mason Ho (HAV), Diego Santos (SP), Diogo Leão (ES), Luiz Walther (RJ)
Heat 10: Milton Morbeck (RJ), Márcio Farney (CE), Anselmo Correia (RJ), Gabriel Pastori (RJ)
Heat 11: Heitor Pereira (SP), Wilson Nora (BA), Felipe Ximenes (SC), Guilherme Sodré (RJ)
Heat 12: Bernardo Lopes (BA), Tommy O´Brien (EUA), Itim Silva (CE), Pedro Scooby (RJ)
Heat 13: Alex Chacon (AUS), Felipe Martins (CE), Bruno Galini (BA)
Heat 14: Chad Compton (AUS), Darrell Goodrum (EUA), Hugo Bittencourt (RJ), Saulo Junior (SP)
Heat 15: Messias Felix (CE), Charlie Carroll (HAV), Pedro Norberto (SC), André Pastori (RJ)
Heat 16: Fábio Gouveia (PB), Alandreson Martins (BA), Bruno Moreira (SP), Ítalo Ferreira (RJ)
Heat 17: Diego Rosa (SC), Fabrício Junior (RN), Bruno Rodrigues (PE)
Heat 18: Victor Ribas (RJ), Thiago Camarão (SP), Alon Campestrini (SC), Túlio Moulin (ES)
Heat 19: Kiron Jabour (HAV), Ricardo Ferreira (SP), Jerônimo Vargas (RJ), Ian Cosenza (RJ)
Heat 20: Bruno Santos (RJ), João Gutemberg (RJ), John Max (RN), Rafael Padilha (RJ)