Cover Boy Nick Rosza Says Thanks…

We get stoked when surfers appreciate the job we do. So Nick Rosza called the office to say thanks for the cover, I recorded it. – Chris Cote

Nick Rosza, Transworld SURF

Nick Rosza: Hey Chris, it’s Nick Rosza.

Transworld SURF: Hey broza, how you doing man?

N: I’m doing great. I was calling to say thanks so much for the cover; I can’t even say how much I appreciate it. So stoked right now.

How did you find out you had it?
I woke up on my birthday and my mom had slipped it under my pillow. I woke up and was like, what is this magazine doing here? Then I saw it and just started laughing. It was an amazing birthday present.

Nick Rosza
Did you hear that you had the cover before you saw it?
Kind of. Chris Straley called me and said he thought I had it, and then he called and said I didn’t—I though he was f-king with me, so I just kind of forgot about it.
Did you know it was you on the cover right when you saw it?
It took a second, but then I was just freaking—just so happy. Getting that cover has really inspired me to work harder. I’ve been doing a lot of trips and shooting a lot, and it’s good to see that pay off.

Nick Rosza

Have you been getting calls from the bros, hyping you up?

(Laughs), my dad’s side of the family is all surfers so I got a million calls from all my uncles and stuff. Everybody’s really happy for me.

So now what?

Well, I just tweaked my knee, so I’m out of the water for a few weeks. I’m going crazy not being able to surf. Seeing the cover made me want to go surf so bad—I’m defiantly thankful for surfing, and this injury has kind of shown me how lucky I am to surf; I can’t wait to surf again in a month or so.

Nick Rosza

Any trips coming up?

Well, a few months in Hawaii, I can’t wait for that.

Hell yeah, Fix that knee, we’ll see you on the rock.

Thanks again guys, I love Transworld SURF.