Koby And The ‘Bra Boys Banned From Sydney Hotel And Bar

As reported on www.news.com.au

THE Bra Boys will be banned from Sydney’s Coogee Bay Hotel as the surfside pub attempts to clean up its boozy image.

Koby and the ‘Bra Boys (pictured above) will have to wet their collective whistles somewhere else…
Under a strict new policy, security staff will refuse entry to members of the notorious Maroubra surf gang led by world-famous big wave surfer Koby Abberton.

Coogee Bay Hotel general manager Tony Williams said Australia’s largest hotel was being relaunched to make it “more female and family-friendly”. It is no longer about “getting hammered” and rolling out at 3am, he said.

“By the way that we are changing the business, (the Bra Boys) are not going to feel comfortable being here anyway, because they are the kind of guys who want to get hammered and have a drink,” he said.

“They can’t do that at Coogee Bay Hotel any more.”

The Bra Boys were recently depicted in a documentary-style film made by Koby and brother, Sunny Abberton, and narrated by Oscar-winner Russell Crowe.

It showed members assaulting police and non-locals who were trying to surf at Maroubra and prompted police to publicly warn against the romanticised idea that the Bra Boys were just a bunch of mates who surfed together.

Their most well-known watering hole, Maroubra Bay Hotel, is in the next suburb to the Coogee Bay Hotel.

Coogee Bay Hotel was named the state’s second-most-violent pub this year as police ranked the worst licensed premises for assaults.

Mr Williams said: “We’re a big pub and the numbers of incidents that have been reported are a fraction of the total number of patrons that come through this hotel.

“There is a massive perception of the Coogee Bay Hotel not being a safe hotel and we need to work on that.”

Mr Williams said the new-look Coogee pub will have a focus on food, entertainment – and safety.

He also wants parents to feel comfortable about bringing their children to the pub.

The pub’s signature beer garden re-opens next month after being fitted with lounges and day beds as part of a dramatic facelift for summer.

The rowdy public bar was last year redeveloped into a sports bar and there are more changes planned.