Explosive Opening On Day 1 of O’Neill U.S. Open Pro Junior pres. by Honda

Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) North America
GO211 LIVE feat. The Honda U.S. Open pres. by O’Neill (ASP WQS 6-Star)
O’Neill U.S. Open Pro Junior (ASP Grade-2 Pro Junior)
S3 Supergirl Pro Junior (ASP Grade-2 Pro Junior)
O’Neill U.S. Open of Longboarding
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
July 18-27, 2008

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (Friday, July 18, 2008) – The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) North America fired off its first day of non-stop action with the GO211 LIVE featuring the Honda U.S. Open presented by O’Neill this morning in clean two-to-three foot (1 metre) conditions.

Today saw the first two rounds of the GO211 LIVE feat. the Honda U.S. Open pres. by O’Neill men’s trials as well as the first 12 heats of Round 1 of the O’Neill U.S. Open Pro Junior pres. by Honda.

International ASP Pro Junior athletes Julian Wilson (Coolum, AUS), Kiron Jabour (North Shore, HI) and Tanner Gudauskas (San Clemente, CA) proved the standouts in today’s competition, making quick work of their opponents and collecting the highest scores of the day

Wilson, who is fresh off an ASP Grade-4 Pro Junior victory held in Huntington Beach last month, picked up where he left off with a solid performance in Round 1 today. Wilson’s form surfing proved he is hungry for a repeat performance. The prodigious natural-footer is currently rated No. 5 on the ASP Australasia Pro Junior Series and is continuing to stay fresh in the U.S. for his domestic ASP Pro Junior campaign.

“There’s some swell filling in for this contest, but it’s really gutless out there,” Wilson said. “I’m just trying to find my feet and get a feel for what the waves are doing because I haven’t been surfing much in the past few weeks because the waves have been so bad. I’m glad to get back into things and I’m looking forward to the rest of the event.”

Jabour, who entered the O’Neill U.S. Open Pro Junior event as an alternate took full advantage of his Round 1 entry, dominating a stacked heat against Australian standout Chris Salisbury (Newport, AUS) and highly-touted Hawaiian Clay Marzo (Lahaina, HI). The North Shore dark horse put the young standouts in a combination situation with a total heat score of 17.50 out of possible 20 points.

“I had been standing around watching heats, and I didn’t know if I was going to get into the event or not,” Jabour said. “I got out there and got a few good ones, and got a few good scores. It’s fun out there. Compared to the past few days, it’s way better. There are some fun waves.”

Jabour will use the momentum gained by his overwhelming heat victory today to take on 2006 ASP North America Pro Junior Champion Eric Geiselman (New Smyrna Beach, FL) in Round 2 tomorrow.

Gudauskas, who is currently rated No. 65 on the ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS), took a break from his ASP WQS campaign to compete in the ASP Pro Junior event this morning. Gudauskas proved his experience in the big leagues is paying off, as he surfed his heat with a confidence beyond his years. The young goofy-footer held a commanding attack throughout his heat, as he laid a blistering attack on the waves offered at South Huntington Beach Pier.

“It was fun to be out in the water again and get the ball rolling,” Gudauskas said. “I knew it was going to be a good heat today, and I just tried to go out there and get busy and get some good waves.”

The Trials for the ASP WQS 6-Star event saw 96 competitors combat each other for the eight spots available in the GO211 LIVE feat. the Honda U.S. Open pres. by O’Neill.  Round 2 seeds Granger Larsen (Maui, HI), Nick Rozsa (Ventura, CA), and Clay Marzo (Lahaina, CA) moved effortlessly into Round 3, while Andrew Doheny (Newport Beach, CA), Jesse Evans (Huntington Beach, CA), Tyler Newton (Hanalei, HI) and Macy Mullen (Milileni, HI) advanced through both rounds of competition.

Tomorrow will see the completion of Round 2 and Round 3 of the men’s ASP WQS 6-Star event, as the GO211 LIVE feat. the Honda U.S. Open of Surfing pres. by O’Neill will narrow down the field to 16 competitors all vying for the eight positions available in the main event, decided on Sunday.

Alongside the men’s trials, tomorrow’s competition will host an eclectic array of surfing including the completion of Round 2 and Round 3 of the O’Neill U.S. Open Pro Junior pres. by Honda, the first two rounds of the O’Neill U.S. Open of Longboarding, and the first round of the S3 Supergirl Pro Junior.

Action will begin at 8 a.m. at the south side of Huntington Beach Pier.

For all of your GO211 Live feat. the Honda U.S. Open pres. by O’Neill needs log on to www.usopenofsurfing.com

For other ASP information check out www.aspworldtour.com or www.aspnorthamerica.org.

O’Neill U.S. Open Pro Junior presented by Honda Results:
Round of 96: (1st and 2nd advance)

Heat 1: Spencer Regan (USA) 12.34, Balaram Stack (USA) 9.27, Dylan Kawalski (USA) 6.40, T.J. Mortellaro (USA) 5.43
Heat 2: Victor Donne (USA) 12.34, Charly Martin (GLP) 11.93, Mike McCabe (USA) 10.94, Ramain Cloitre (REU) 8.30
Heat 3: Julian Wilson (AUS) 12.50, Eli Visolay (USA) 6.67, Matt Chellemi (USA) 4.83, Sam McGee (USA) 2.86
Heat 4: Noah Erickson (USA) 12.34, Cale Johnson (USA) 9.90, Thomas Clarke (USA) 6.27, Alex Gullet (USA) 5.50
Heat 5: Kolohe Andino (USA) 11.33, Joan Duru (FRA) 11.00, Chase Wilson (USA) 9.87, Daniel Shea (USA) 6.23
Heat 6: Charlie Brown (USA) 10.83, Quinn McCrystal (USA) 9.66, Brad Hagglund (USA) 7.20, Tanner Deprin (USA) 5.73
Heat 7: Christian Saenz (USA) 12.43, Fisher Heverly (USA) 8.17, Shaw Koayashi (USA) 7.93, Brendan Buckley (USA) 5.37
Heat 8: Tyler Newton (HAW) 12.67, Oliver Kurtz (USA) 10.60, Dane Zaun (USA) 9.27, Ian Crane (USA) 7.33
Heat 9: Taylor Thorne (USA) 11.00, Nick Suhadolnik (USA) 8.93, Keto Burns (USA) 7.67, Matt McCabe (USA) 6.97
Heat 10: Kiron Jabour (HAW) 17.50, Chris Salisbury (AUS) 11.86, Clay Marzo (HAW) 7.43, David Price (USA) 3.73
Heat 11: Dillon Perillo (USA) 16.73, Ford Archbold (USA) 10.60, Billy Hopkins (USA) 7.36, Thomas Petriken (USA) 5.36
Heat 12: Tanner Gudauskas (USA) 14.67, Kelsey Strickland (USA) 9.33, Conner Coffin (USA) 8.56, Colton Larson (USA) 6.97

GO211 LIVE featuring the Honda U.S. Open presented by O’Neill Trials Results:
Round of 96 Trials: (1st and 2nd advance)

Heat 1: Ryan Sakal (USA) 1, Danny Miskin (USA) 2, Raymond Reichle (HAW) 3, Fisher Heverly (USA) N/S
Heat 2: Dustin Willman (USA), Ray Reichle (HAW), Ryan Sakal (USA), Victor Donne (USA)
Heat 3: Jeff Hurley (USA) 12.67, Jesse Evans (USA) 12.26, Danny Estes (USA) 7.83, Javier Swayne (PER) 5.00
Heat 4: Macy Mullen (HAW) 13.50, Tyler Newton (HAW) 10.07, Brandon Tipton (USA) 7.80, Gianfranco Gasparro (ITA) 0.00
Heat 5: Gary Wheeler (USA) 10.33, Sean Tubbs (USA) 9.20, Dave Post (USA) 4.30, Cody Sammons (USA) 1.43
Heat 6: Byron Barlett (AUS) 13.56, Micah Mullen (USA) 10.16, Jason Magallanes (HAW) 9.83, Jared Thorne (USA) 8.5
Heat 7: Brendan Buckley (USA) 11.50, Ryan Burch (USA) 7.30, Henrique Saltes (USA) 4.63, Greg Kaplan (USA) 4.50
Heat 8: Andrew Doheny (USA) 13.00, Levi Gonzales (HAW) 10.00, Yosuke Kodama (JPN) 4.07, Alejo Muniz (BRA) 0.00
Heat 9: Pablo Gutierrez (ESP) 12.23, Ryah Arthur (USA) 11.60, Heath Walker (AUS) 11.20, Sam McCowan (USA) 2.79
Heat 10: Matt Pagan (USA) 9.43, Matt Turner (USA) 6.23, Nick Rupp (USA) 6.10, Chris Eneim (HAW) N/S
Heat 11: Chase Newsom (USA) 13.67, Marshall Alberga (USA) 8.30, Shaw Kobayashi (USA) 7.03, Andres Flores (DOM) 5.40
Heat 12: Dege O’Connell (HAW) 11.66, Takayuki Wakita (JPN) 10.56, Rick Gannon (USA) 8.84
Heat 13: Kekoa Cazimero (HAW) 12.10, Justin Swartz (USA) 11.67, Cru Surratt (HAW) 6.60, Peter Minko (USA) 4.73
Heat 14: Taylor Thorne (USA) 12.50, Victor Donne (USA) 11.00, Dane Zaun (USA) 7.94, Alex Gullett (USA) 4.52
Heat 15: Derek Ho (HAW) 10.33, Keito Matsuoka (JPN) 6.73, Mark Gabriel (USA) 3.87, Jeshua Stevens (USA) N/A
Heat 16: Fisher Heverly (USA) 11.34, Eddie Lester (USA) 9.26, Keale Chung (HAW) 7.74, David Price (USA) 6.00

Round of 64 Trials: (1st and 2nd advance)
Heat 1: Jason Harris (USA) 11.90, Jesse Evans (USA) 9.07, John Daniels (USA) 8.17, Ryan Sakal (USA) 8.13
Heat 2: Granger Larsen (HAW) 16.26, Jeff Hurley (USA) 10.20, Phillip Goold (USA) 9.83, Danny Miskin (USA) 6.27
Heat 3: Nick Rozsa (USA) 13.77, Macy Mullen (HAW) 12.83, Matt Keenan (USA) 9.33, Sean Tubbs (USA) 6.43
Heat 4: Kyle Kennelly (USA) 12.50, Tyler Newton (HAW) 11.00, Hunter Heverly (USA) 10.80, Gary Wheeler (USA) 6.93
Heat 5: Peter Mel (USA) 7.94, Tony Adams (USA) 7.00, Ryan Burch (USA) 6.33, Byron Bartlett (AUS) 5.56
Heat 6: Clay Marzo (USA) 12.17, Michael Hoisington (USA) 11.94, Micah Mullen (USA) 8.40, Brendan Buckley (USA) 6.73
Heat 7: Andrew Doheny (USA) 11.16, Ryah Arthur (USA) 9.67, Bruno Rodrigues (USA) 6.03, Colin Schildhauer (USA) 5.34
Heat 8: Sean Taylor (USA) 12.10, Pablo Gutierrez (ESP) 12.00, Tom Rezvan (USA) 7.97, Levi Gonzales (HAW) 7.50