Gold Coast Council To Review Plan To Bring Kirra Back

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YEARS of lobbying from the Gold Coast’s surfing fraternity will come to a head this week with councillors to consider a plan to restore the famed Kirra Point break.

An independent report will recommend up to $1 million be spent on works to counteract the Tweed sand pumping project — a scheme surfers have blamed for destroying one of the world’s best points.

The sand bypass has led to regular reports of surf rage in southern Gold Coast waters, as huge numbers of boardriders cram for limited waves at the Snapper Rocks Superbank.

However, Coolangatta councillor Chris Robbins was not confident of convincing her colleagues in Thursday’s budget session to endorse the rescue plan, saying it could become a victim of a big-spending budget.

“We’re trying to run a budget that is very tight, with a lot of items blowing out because of construction cost,” she said.

“And we’ve got projects that are a lot of money, like Hinze Dam (raising) and the desalination plant.”

The report, completed by research fellow Neil Lazarow from the Griffith University’s Centre for Coastal Management, will recommend $200,000 be spent on an Environmental Impact Statement examining the possibility of a fourth sand outlet at North Kirra.

Extending the pipeline at a later date could cost $4 million.

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