Crank Call – Roy Powers

Roy: Hello?

Chris: Dude, is Roy there?

This is Roy.

Roy, what’s up? This is Mike.

What’s goin’ on?

You know, just cruisin’. Are the waves going to be good tomorrow?


I said, are the waves going to be good tomorrow?

Um, I don’t know. It’s going to be pretty big I think.

I’ve got a video guy.


I said I’ve got a video guy.

Oh really?

Yeah, we should shoot. Where are you going to surf?

I don’t know. I won’t know until the morning.

I was thinking maybe Pipeline, or something. You live over on Kaua’i, though. I don’t know, dude. I just came here to make a video. Did I mention my name is Mike?

What’s your last name, Mike?

James. Mike James. I’m making a video and doing a bunch of shit for like, Taylor Steele, all those guys. I’m basically a freelance video guy. I got your number from Quiksilver.

From Quiksilver? How would they have my number?

Well, because they gave me a list of the top guys in Kaua’i.

Oh, really?

Yeah, but it’s not really from Quiksilver. It’s from a bro who works there. So anyway, where are you going to surf tomorrow?

I have no idea. I won’t know until the morning.

Can I call you early?

How early is early to you?

How about eight o’clock?

Well, don’t call before nine.

Okay, that’s perfect.

That’s perfect?

Yeah, I’ll call you tomorrow┬┐we’ll film.

All right sounding annoyed.[IMAGE 1]

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